From the Morey Connect series of telematics devices, the TeMeDa MC-3 and MC-3E enable diagnostic, power and locational communication between your backend systems and your assets.

TeMeDa MC-3 Advantages

Key Device Features

  • 50-Channel GPS Receiver
  • Network certified on multiple carriers
  • Sprint (CDMA), Verizon (CDMA), AT&T (HSPA 3G)
  • Internal or external antennae options
  • Satellite can be added: Iridium

Fully Deployable Platform

  • Plug & Play Deployment
  • Device Communications: UDP, SMS
  • Over-the-Air-Programming and Provisioning
  • Connect to sensors via digital I/O or Analog input
  • Customize device operation via scripting
Rugged & Reliable

  • Industry Leading Warranty Options
  • Field Installation and System Support
  • J1455 Level 1 Pressure Wash
  • FM Class 1, Div 2 Non-incendiary
  • IP67

Robust Vehicle/Machine Interface Capabilities

  • Interfaces to most light/med/heavy vehicles
  • (1996 or later)
  • Class I-VIII vehicles
  • 12V & 24V power systems
  • Customizable Interconnect Cables & Harnesses
  • J-bus 6 pin, J-Bus 9 pin, Volvo 1962, Bobcat 7 pin,
    OBDii, 3 wire

Installation is Simple

Hardware for Any Powered Asset

Installs into Any Asset

TeMeDa MC-3

for In-Cab & Under-Dash Applications
The MC-3 is ideal for powered assets with an operator cab and/or dashboard display. Utilizing the equipment’s integrated cellular and GPS antennas, the MC-3 provides reliable telematics solutions for single or mixed-vehicle fleets.

TeMeDa MC-3E

for Heavy Equipment Without Cabs
The MC-3E features external GPS and cellular antennas. Its rugged, reliable design enables the MC-3E to provide asset tracking and data transmittal for high-value assets such as generators, compressors and construction equipment.

Recommended Install Types

When to use a Power Bridge Harness? When the device needs to be connected to power and ground at all times. Ex. Asset has a Kill switch and the client prefers to bypass it, or if power is lost on a VBUS Harness when the Ignition turns off.

NOTE: A Power Bridge Harness does not need to be installed with a 3 wire Harness due to the fact that it already has power and ground leads.

When to use a Sensor Bridge Harness? When a client has requirements to monitor accessories ex. PTO, Door Switches, Lights, Inductive Sensors, Air Pressure Switch, Fluid Switches, Engine On Circuit, Relays, etc.

When to use a Power Bridge and a Sensor Bridge Harness? When both scenarios above are needed when working with a VBUS Harness.

MC-3 Sensor Bridge Harness and Vehicle BUS Harness Configuration

MC-3 Power Bridge Harness, Sensor Bridge Harness and Vehicle BUS Harness Configuration

MC-3 Power Bridge Harness and Vehicle BUS Harness Configuration

MC-3 3-Wire Configuration

MC-3 Sensor Bridge Harness and 3-Wire Configuration

MC-3 Vehicle BUS Harness Configuration


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