Battery Powered Solution for Any Asset

TeMeDa MC-1 Advantages


  • Tracking non-powered assets: Railcars, Roll-Off Boxes
  • Tracking any occasionally-powered assets: Tractor Trailers
  • Tracking powered assets when powered off: Generators
  • Tracking assets in cold weather environments
  • Tracking assets whether mobile or fixed


  • Wide Temp -40 to 85 C
  • IP67 Rating
  • J1455 Pressure Wash
  • FM – Class 1 Div 2 Non-Incendiary

Fully Deployable Platform

  • 3G/2G; GSM & CDMA – Quad Band
  • Network Certified AT&T, Verizon, Sprint
  • Highly accurate GPS – 3 meters
  • Integrated 3-axis accelerometer
  • On-board Geo-fences
  • OTA configuration and updates
  • 30 day data store & forward

Battery Technology

  • 10.5 Ah, lithium battery packs
  • Field Replaceable
  • Proprietary battery life prediction algorithm
  • Rechargeable battery with optional heater
  • 30-day backup operation

Hardware for Any Non-Powered Asset

TeMeDa MC-1

for Non-Powered Asset Tracking Designed for non-powered assets, the MC-1 provides a field-replaceable, 10.5 Ah lithium technology battery pack. Provides voltage monitoring and low-battery notifications, as well as battery life indication.

TeMeDa MC-1R

for Occasionally Powered Asset Tracking Ideal for occasionally powered/unpowered assets, the MC-1R offers a rechargeable lithium technology battery, designed to operate for up to 30 days without power.


Install Guide

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