We simplify your ELD and AOBRD Solutions

The ELD Mandate is upon us. TeMeDa offers the entire solution for both an AOBRD and an ELD as your compliant solutions for HoS and eLogs. Our solution is made of three parts; an application for mobile display devices (smartphone or tablet), the TeMeDa App, and certified hardware. For current customers we are able to expand existing product solutions to include AOBRD on most vehicles that are connected on the TeMeDa App.  For new installations TeMeDa is offering both AOBRD and ELD solutions.

Our solution puts the automation in the hands of the Driver.

  • E-Track Mobile Application is available on Google Play Store
  • HoS Application Dashboard, Trip Initiation and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)
  • Records of Duty Status (RODS)
  • Electronic Daily / Weekly Logs (eLogs) and Data Feeds
  • Management and Reporting

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With just a simple deployment of e-Track, the TeMeDa App and a telematics device you will have a fully compliant ELD solution. Installable and running within an hour. E-Track Certified™ by ATS is an ELD Compliant, affordable, state of the art, Electronic Driver Logs Application that will simplify the new complex rule sets that have been released by the DOT.

e-Track on an Android Device

A clean, crisp, user friendly design ensures the best possible user experience for Drivers. Electronic Driver Logs are easy using the e-Track Certified™ Mobile Application. Users of the system will have no problem navigating through the system with it’s Advanced Driver Dashboard. All features are readily available using large buttons and print making them easy to see and very visible.

TeMeDa App

The TeMeDa App is designed to work with both an AOBRD and an ELD solution for HoS. We take you past compliance and give you access to the full suite of benefits our system offers. For existing customers we are be able to expand your product solution to include AOBRD on most trucks that have already been installed. For new installations TeMeDa offers both AOBRD and ELD solutions.

Certified Telematics Device

Depending on whether you’re doing ELD or AOBRD compliance, we can help you chose which hardware is best for your needs. The TeMeDa solution is designed for a true mixed fleet so no matter what types of vehicles you need tracked we have the right solution for you. In addition to your compliance needs you can save money by gaining access to your vehicles location, utilization and health.

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Email us at sales@temeda.com

Call us 855-289-7821

Automated On-Board Recorder Device (AOBRD)

If you already have an Automated On-Board Recorder Device (AOBRD), all you need for AOBRD compliance is the TeMeDa App and either a iOS or Android based handheld device. For AOBRD TeMeDa uses E-Track Certified™ by ATS.