TRANSPORTATION INDUSTRY: Semi Trailers, Shipping Containers, Converter Gear & Container Chassis

Globalstar SmartOne Series Asset Tracking Units are the perfect tool for keeping track of non-powered transportation assets!
By partnering with Globalstar, you can provide customers with worldwide tracking of these non-powered, movable assets. Eliminate the
concern about the “footprint” limitations of cellular networks – and track overseas without roaming agreements!

  • Over 6.0 million semi trailers in the U.S., vs. 1.9 million tractors – trailers are disconnected most of the time, and so not tracked by
    tractor-based systems
  • Hundreds of thousands of converter gear units in the U.S. – a major U.S. common carrier quoted losses of 200+ per year
  • 33 million twenty-foot equivalent units of shipping containers worldwide – the challenge is worldwide tracking and utilization

Globalstar delivers worldwide networking via our (LEO) satellite constellation. We deliver position and sensor data to our VAR Partners for integration into their back-offi ce and customer-facing applications. This allows the end-user customer to track all of their assets on a single screen.
Partnering with Globalstar allows your company to deliver an asset tracking solution not restricted by the cellular footprint.

SmartOne C

  • IP-68 (IP-69K pending)
  • MilSpec 810
  • Powered by 4 AAA Energizer
    lithium batteries, or line power
  • Smallest satellite-based asset tracker
  • 2.7 x 3.25 x 1.0” (including mounting bracket)
  • Use the SmartOne C for general
    asset tracking


  • Check run-time on engine powered equipment to support maintenance schedules, as well as fault monitoring
  • Track location of expensive job site equipment for management and billing purposes
  • Use SmartOne geo-fencing capability and reduced messaging to keep track of equipment at the lowest possible costs. Theft Recovery Mode
    for easy location of the asset