TeMeDa App 2.18.6

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Reports: Alert Detail Report – filter by a specific Alert

In release v2.18.6, we’ve added the ability to filter an Alert Detail Report by a specific Alert. Prior to this release, you could filter Alert Detail reports by an Alert Type (ex: Speeding, Location Entry, etc). Now, you can choose an Alert Type OR a specific Alert from a picklist (ex: Delivery Trucks speeding 10 mph over the limit).

Selecting Alert Type or Alert

AEMP 2.0 Support

In release v2.18.6, we’ve added the ability to pull in OEM Equipment and Location Data via the newer AEMP 2.0 telematics api standard (ISO 15143-3). Prior to this release, we only supported the AEMP 1.x standard. This is especially important for our John Deere customers, whose OEM feed only supports the newest AEMP 2.0 standard.

International SMS Phone # support

You can now send SMS Alert Notifications to both US and international phone numbers.

For US numbers, enter 10 digit numbers only with no spaces. For non-US numbers enter the country code and the phone numbers with no spaces.

Navman Support

The TeMeDa app now has support for Navman gps telematics devices. You can now add Assets from your Navman account into TeMeDa. This will allow for a unified fleet view of all your assets within a single app.

Navman Selection

TeMeDa Mobile App 1.3

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Documents Tab

We’ve added the ability to upload and view Documents on Assets and Maintenance Logs. You can upload any number of files, documents, pdfs, or photos – and associate those documents to an Asset or Maintenance Log. Simply tap the Docs tab to view photos – or add any type of Document within the Add/Edit Asset or Add/Edit Maintenance Log screens.

You can quickly use your phone camera to add photos to Assets or Maintenance Logs – or choose one or more photos from your phone’s photo library. You can also choose GoogleDrive, DropBox or other cloud sources for your documents. You can download documents onto your phone and save them to your library.

Asset Detail: Docs Tab

View a Document

Edit Maintenance Log

Select and View Photo

Asset – Quick Directions

We’ve added a new feature to quickly get directions to any Asset. Just tap the arrow on the address line within the Asset Detail view and your phone will provide directions using Apple Maps or Google Maps – you can even request an Uber ride to your Asset!

Quick Directions

Prompt for Map


TeMeDa App 2.15

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Documents Tab

We’ve added Documents to Assets, Asset Dashboard, Maintenance Plans, and Maintenance Logs. Documents allows you to upload any number of files, documents, pdfs, or photos – and associate those documents to an Asset, Maintenance Plan, or Maintenance Log. Simply drag and drop files from your computer directly to the new Documents tab. Users can then view Asset Documents in the Asset Dashboard, or Maintenance Documents in the Plans or Logs.

Documents: Asset Dashboard

Documents: Maintenance Log

Documents: Maintenance Logs/Service History

Show/Hide Locations on Map

We’ve added a new button on the Map to Show/Hide Locations for your current zoom level on the Map. When you click the “Show Locations” button, any Locations within the current view port will appear on the Map. Click again to hide the Locations.

Show/Hide Locations

Location Filter by Type

TeMeDa Mobile App 1.2.1

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“Live Look” feature added for Assets with Cameras

We’ve added our “Live Look” feature for Assets with on-board cameras. Now you can view a live video stream of your Assets driving down the road, and can easily switch from dashboard camera to driver camera for units with multiple cameras. The Live Look feature can be accessed by tapping an Asset to view the Asset Detail page, then tap the “Live” camera icon.

Restricted Admin Support

We’ve also added support for the new “Restricted Admin” user role. Restricted Admins that have been granted Asset access can now edit and delete Assets using the phone app.

TeMeDa App 2.14

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Hierarchy Reports

We’ve added Account Hierarchy to Reports. This allows customers to run reports by one or more Account Hierarchy levels. For example, an account is configured with 3 hierarchy levels, the top parent company, East and West Regions, and several Divisions within each Region. Customers can now run a report for the East Region, and/or select the Division level and run a report for any number of Divisions.

User List – Filter by Group

We’ve added a new Group filter on the User List page. This allows Admins the ability to easily view and sort Users that are assigned to a particular Group. The User list can also be exported to Excel.