TeMeDa is a leading provider of telematics for heavy industrial and mixed fleet applications.  Supporting a wide range of telematics hardware, both off the shelf and custom built, TeMeDa connects machines to the Internet of Things (IoT). TeMeDa provides customers valuable insights into machine and fleet operation, utilization, cost reduction, safety and risk mitigation.

Mixed Fleet

The TeMeDa application is designed specifically to provide intelligent insights from the broad mix of vehicles and assets that make up today’s industrial fleets.  By providing a single integrated portal of all assets in the fleet, TeMeDa offers users the opportunity to improve safety, increase productivity, reduce costs and more accurately manage asset maintenance.


Modern construction companies consist of a wide variety of vehicles and machines produced by numerous manufacturers.  TeMeDa enables construction related industries the ability to see their vehicles and machines in a single, unified view.  We put your telematics data to work; enabling you to analyze your asset utilization and production efficiency, manage maintenance, increase workflow, measure driver or operator behavior and visually monitor your operator performance.

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Fleet Transportation

TeMeDa Fleet provides owners and fleet managers with the tools needed to remotely manage their mobile work force.  Up to the minute location and telematics data allows for improved productivity, lowered costs and increased customer service.  By increasing visibility into how your vehicles are being used; you reduce wear and tear, decrease risk and improve your bottom line.  In addition, make sure you meet current and future DOT regulations with electronic logs and temperature monitoring of your perishable loads.

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Intermodal operations are complex and fast paced utilizing a wide variety of specialty assets. Temeda allows intermodal operators to create a single view of all their assets from standard cars and trucks to specialty equipment like hostlers, cranes and crash carts.  By providing a single unified view of all assets we help customers to improve utilization, productivity, reduce cost and manage equipment maintenance.  By understanding real equipment utilization Temeda enables customers to make informed decisions on how best to deploy equipment and when to purchase additional assets.

Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental provides companies with access to equipment that is critical to getting the job done. Keeping track of where that equipment is located, how long it has been on site, how many hours it has been used, and how well it has been maintained is the job of TeMeDa.