Hyper Connectivity

We’re all accustomed to the hyper connectivity enabled by smartphones. We receive instant messages and real time alerts from our homes; we’re able to easily hail a ride, or book a flight; we can even use a wide array of sensors to track, monitor and improve our personal health. It raises the question then, why are the majority of the machines in our lives, dark? Unconnected? Almost invisible when it comes to optimizing performance and minimizing costs?

What Types of Assets are Supported?

TeMeDa™ was created to address this very issue. To light up the on road fleet vehicles, off road construction vehicles and other assets including containers and generators. In short, we have developed a platform that connects anything to everything.

End-to-End Solution

We developed an end to end platform. From the ruggedized hardware integrated with the vehicle, to the actual application, the TeMeDa™ system is designed to integrate any sensor, any GPS unit, to any highly customizable application branded for any customer.

What Industries Does TeMeDa™ Serve?

We have already transformed the way on the road trucking fleets are managed, and optimized construction site and equipment management with highly customized solutions based on our highly flexible platform. We are developing new state of the art applications to bring our transformative approach to new markets, such as Rail, Oil and Gas among others.