Bringing the Power of Telematics to Your Entire Equipment Fleet

Modern construction companies consist of a wide variety of vehicles and machines produced by numerous manufacturers.  TeMeDa enables construction related industries the ability to see their vehicles and machines in a single, unified view. We put your telematics data to work; enabling you to analyze your asset utilization and production efficiency, manage maintenance, increase workflow, measure driver or operator behavior and visually monitor your operator performance.

The TeMeDa Construction Application is specifically designed to help Construction Market Companies Promote Safety, Reduce Cost, and Increase the Utilization and Productivity of your Assets.

Safety First

Know where your mobile crews are working and which assets are in operation across multiple locations at all times. Ensure that your most valuable asset, your employees, are operating their equipment safely while enabling you to coach and improve their operation to ensure a safe work site.

Single View of All Assets

The TeMeDa Application allows you to track and capture valuable data from your entire mixed fleet. With one login TeMeDa provides a single unified view off all of your assets: powered & unpowered, on-road & off-road. Enabled by a wide variety of telematics hardware as well as telematics enabled OEM equipment like Cat, Deere, Komatsu, SANY, and Volvo.

Reduce Operating Cost

With accurate engine hours, mileage and usage reporting you will know exactly how much time is spent doing a job and how productive your equipment and staff really are. Comprehensive reports will allow you to reduce idle time, fuel usage, and wear and tear on your equipment.

Accurate Job Costing

TeMeDa reports measure actual time and cost spent performing work by asset, operator, project, and job. You will improve the accuracy of job costing and planning of your resources.

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