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TeMeDa App 2.5.1

By | Release Notes

Map Cluster Toggle

TeMeDa App version 2.5.1 now allows you to toggle Map Clusters on and off. This feature is useful for customers that want to see all of their assets on the map all the time, even if they are within close proximity. For example, customers that have the Temeda App open on a TV monitor or large display screen will be able to see each asset regardless of zoom level or asset proximity. Map Clusters are toggled on by default. Use the gear icon to toggle Asset Names and Clusters on the map.

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TeMeDa App 2.5.0

By | Release Notes

TeMeDa App 2.5.0 is Coming Soon!

Mobile Friendly, Phase 1

TeMeDa App version 2.5.0 provides an enhanced Mobile Friendly user experience designed specifically for in-the-field accessing the TeMeDa App while using a smart phone. The Mobile Friendly version is designed to be responsive and intuitive from any device, adapting the App you know already to the screen size limitations on a smart phone.

The new Mobile Friendly version of the TeMeDa App creates an entirely different user experience for both Android and Apple IOS smart phones. We have simplified the process of finding your Assets and showing them on the Map, viewing Asset Details, Alerts and Service Reminders, and viewing/logging Maintenance. You also have the ability to switch back and forth to the responsive Desktop version or the new Mobile Friendly version of the TeMeDa App.

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Driver Safety Alerts

By | Blog

Utilizing TeMeDa’s robust Alert features, you can create Driver Safety Alerts to notify you or a designated employee via Email and/or SMS text. These Alerts will fit the exact needs of your company to manage and track Driver Safety for Mobiles you have deployed.

Our Driver Safety Alert options measure speed, aggressive driving (fast starts, sudden starts, high speed lane switching) and provides real time feedback. Here are the Alert names that are used for Driver Safety:

  • Harsh Braking Alert
  • Harsh Acceleration Alert
  • Harsh Maneuver Alert
  • Erratic Driving Alert

Our base configuration for Driver Safety Alerts is set with a value of 9 mph/s defining Harsh Acceleration and 11 mph/s defining Harsh Barking. These values are very hard on the vehicle and driver so we don’t recommend testing the Alerts once they are set up. If you need different values please contact us and we’ll work with you to find and set the values you need.

  • SmartWitness Camera Alerts – Alerts can also be triggered when a Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR) camera senses a Shock, Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking, Harsh Maneuver, and/or Panic Button event for one or more assets. Alerts can send notifications via Email and/or SMS text message.

If you’d like to set up Driver Safety Alerts for your company, please contact TeMeDa customer support today by emailing us at

TeMeDa App 2.4.0

By | Release Notes

TeMeDa App 2.4.0 is launching soon!

Diagnostic Trouble Codes

Temeda App 2.4.0 detects engine failures and displays the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) and diagnostic information for both OBDII (Check Engine light in passenger vehicles) and SAE J1939 (medium to heavy duty vehicles and construction equipment). New DTC features include DTC Alerts, DTC Reporting, and a Maintenance DTC page. Each of the new features include Trouble Code lookup messages for over 7,500 standard fault codes.

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Upgrade your fleet from 2G to 3G

By | Construction, Mixed Fleet

We all know too well that as technology advances, older tech becomes obsolete.

We need to upgrade our computers to keep up with Windows releases. Upgrade our entire DVD collection to Blueray. It’s just the nature of technical growth.

Fleet owners have delayed an equipment upgrade because their installed base continues to work. But the sunset for 2G has already begun. AT&T has announced a complete 2G reallocation of spectrum by January 1st, 2017. They will be shutting off all 2G services on that date. Most other carriers are re-allocating spectrum to 3G and 4G applications.

Consumers will not notice the change. They upgrade their devices every 18 to 24 months. Any devices sold today will be compatible with 3G and 4G. Telematics has a much longer cycle, and there is specific action and manual effort to upgrade. It is important for fleet managers to consider this upgrade now, to ensure their fleets do not go dark.

TeMeDa offers a wide portfolio of telematics devices that work with both 3G and 4G. These devices will be better, faster, and more power efficient. Most important, they will continue to operate after the 2G sunset.

We recently made an installation video of us upgrading a connected generator to a 3G device.

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Sunset on 2G Network Gives The Helm Group a Second Shot at Telematics

By | Construction

ForConstructionPros just released an article detailing how HELM Group saved tens of thousands of dollars by upgrading their telematics provider to TeMeDa.

Peet had talked with his first telematics vendor about implementing the standard from the start of their relationship. “I made the assumption that over time they would want to embrace it, but it never came to pass,” he says. “It really didn’t make all that much difference to us for quite a while. But as more and more equipment comes to us with telematics as part of their standard build, we would really like for the data to display in one application.”

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