TeMeDa is lighting up your remote mobile and fixed assets.

  • TeMeDa Gathers Data such as time, location, and asset operating parameters from a wide variety of assets such as Trailers, Cars, Bulldozers, Trucks, Cranes, Gen Sets and Containers.
  • Transmitting that data wirelessly and storing it in our secure cloud based data center.
  • Transforming the data into useful information and actionable intelligence displayed on our User Interface so that companies can utilize that information to Reduce Cost, Improve Utilization, and Maximize Productivity of their valuable assets.
June 1, 2018 in Blog

ONE20 Inc. is going out of business

June 18 of 2018, ONE20 inc. is going out of business. As of this date, ONE20 apps will no longer work but we can help your business stay ahead of…
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What’s special about TeMeDa?

  • TeMeDa offers a complete end-to-end telematics solution that is simple to buy, easy to install, and intuitive to use.
  • TeMeDa is a true Mixed Fleet Solution providing Customers a single User Interface for all of their Remote Mobile and Fixed Equipment and Assets.
  • TeMeDa is designed to communicate and consume data from virtually every powered and unpowered asset.
  • TeMeDa uses standards based, state of the art software designed to scale and evolve with technology.
  • TeMeDa is designed to harness the Power of Analytics transforming data into valuable information positively impacting Customer Asset Management, Work Management and Worker Management.
  • TeMeDa offers a Custom-off-the-Shelf Solution with the desire and ability to quickly satisfy customers specific needs.